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It is related to the fact that records (known as blocks) in the bitcoin blockchain are limited in size and frequency [1]. The blockchain scalability problem refers to the discussion concerning the limits on the transaction throughput a blockchain network can process.

– Polkadot (DOT): flexibilidade é o sobrenome desta cripto, criada para ser uma "ponte" entre blockchains. Em outras palavras, se trata de um protocolo open-source de compartilhamento multi-chain, que facilita a transferência cross-chain de qualquer tipo de dado ou ativo, não apenas tokens, tornando assim uma ampla gama de blockchains interoperáveis entre si. Com isto procura estabelecer uma rede totalmente descentralizada e privada, controlada pelos próprios usuários, simplificando a criação de novas aplicações, instituições e serviços.

imageSatoshi earned a total reward of 50.00 BTC $0.00. The reward consisted of a base reward of 50.00 BTC $0.00 with an additional 0.0000 BTC ($0.00) reward paid as fees of the 1 transactions which were included in the block. A total of 0.00 BTC ($0.00) were sent in the block with the average transaction being 0.0000 BTC ($0.00).

This is the Bitcoin genesis block it marks the birth of the Bitcoin network and was mined by the projects mysterious creator 'Satoshi Nakamoto'. Its 50 bitcoin coinbase reward is unspendable as it was omitted from the transaction database so any attempt to spend it would be rejected by the network. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.

Over a year ago today or 13 months ago, on June 5, approximately 1,427,441 bitcoins were stored by public companies, private companies, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and countries. As the months continued last year, bitcoin and a number of other crypto assets tapped all-time price highs, and countries like El Salvador added BTC to their balance sheets.

본래 2,016개 블록의 타임스탬프 값을 근거로 난이도를 조정해야 하는데, off-by-one error가 발생할 경우 2,015개의 블록 타임스탬프 값만을 근거로 난이도가 재조정될 수 있다.) (Note: 비트코인 구현에 있어서 off-by-one error(하나의 사소한 문제로 발생하는 오류)는 블록의 난이도가 2,016개의 블록마다 조정되는 것을 어렵게 할 수 있다.

하나만 선택되지 않고 두 개 모두 고르게 계속 블록이 붙으면서 성장할 수 있는데, 이는 마이너들에게 달려 있다. 갈라진 포크체인들이 지속적으로 각자의 길을 갈 수도 있다. 어떤 마이너들은 더 긴 블록체인에 성실하게 블록을 더해가는 반면, 51% 공격을 노리고 (기존 거래 기록들을 엎어버리는 행위) 포크된 블록에 블록을 계속 추가해가는 마이너도 있을 수 있다.

Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below. What do you think about the number of public and private companies, ETFs, and BNB countries that hold bitcoin on their balance sheets in comparison to a year ago?

From Bitcoin StackExchange : The term "on-chain scaling" is frequently used to exclusively refer to increasing the blockchain capacity by means of bigger blocks. However, in the literal sense of the term, it should refer to any sort of protocol change that improves the network’s capacity at the blockchain layer. These approaches tend to provide at most a linear capacity increase, although some are also scalability improvements [2].

Last year there were four private companies that held BTC and btc now there’s seven. Today, there’s 38 public firms that hold bitcoin in their treasuries and they collectively hold 262,695 BTC worth $5.5 billion.

Date accessed: 2019‑06‑10. [2] Bitcoin StackExchange: "What is the Difference between On-chain Scaling and Off-chain Scaling?" [online]. Available:

From Tari Labs : Analogous to the OSI layers for communication, in blockchain technology decentralized Layer 2 protocols, also commonly referred to as Layer 2 scaling, refers to transaction throughput scaling solutions. Instead of each transaction, only the resultant of a number of transactions is embedded on-chain [3]. Decentralized Layer 2 protocols run on top of the main blockchain (off-chain), while preserving the attributes of the main blockchain (e.g. crypto-economic consensus).

따라서 많은 양의 트랜잭션 데이터를 한 블록에 포함시키는 작업이 추가적인 입출력(I/O)으로 인해 해시 연산속도를 낮추거나 하진 않는다. 오직 80바이트 크기의 블록헤더만이 작업증명(proof-of-work)에 의해 해시된다. 블록헤더는 설정하기 쉬운 몇개의 항목들(easy-to-modify fields)을 제공한다. 예로 dedicated nonce field가 존재하고, 이 항목(field) 덕분에 새로 생기는 트랜잭션을 기다릴 필요 없이 새로운 해시들을 얻을 수 있다. 트랜잭션을 추가하는 건 단지 머클 트리에 존재하는 조상들의 해시를 재계산(recalculation of the ancestor hashes in the merkle tree) 하기만 하면 된다.image

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