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As a result, when other digital currency markets falter, the value of Bitcoin also drops. Because of its status as the most popular digital currency in the world, the Bitcoin community has become a standard in its own right, much like the heralded stock exchanges of Wall Street, London and Japan. In the case of the dramatic drop in value of Bitcoin at the end of August 2017, this occurred because other cryptocurrencies lost the support of the Chinese government after proliferating at an alarming rate in China throughout 2017.

image1.44 Added experimental Ethash + Ton dual mining for Nvidia Pascal GPUs. Fixed a bug with json style configuration not working with dual mining in 1.43 release version. Fixed a bug with Ton stratum not sending correct job id when dual mining on AMD cards. Fixed a bug that might cause a SIGSEV or SIGPIPE crash on some Linux platforms when reconnecting. Fixed a bug that caused the miner to enter re-connect routine when one endpoint of a Ton - pool did not work, although other endpoints did connect well. Temporarily disabled the ZIL cache function on AMD GPUs, because it sometimes did not swap clearly.

This edict sent shivers through global cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, and fear led to Bitcoin's rapid devaluation. The Chinese government feared the growth of huge and convoluted pyramid schemes revolving around cryptocurrency exchanges that had their own Bitcoin-like digital tokens. As a result, bitcoin the government ordered exchanges like BTCC, OKcoin and Huobi to shut down by the end of September 2017.

1.41b Fixed a bug with seed handling, that caused a high rate of defect shares on in --ton-mode 4. Fixed a bug with pool in --ton-mode 1 that caused the miner to reconnect after a share was submitted.

Users running version 1.40 are asked to immediately switch to the latest version 1.41a because of DDoS issue caused by 1.40. Added experimental TON kernels for Nvidia Fermi and first generation Kepler GPUs. Re-wrote the complete HTTPS connection stack in the TON pool connector, so the connections can be reused for a significant lower load on the pools. Improved performance of Nvidia TON kernels, especially significant on Turing based GPUs. Implemented a system that can detect connection blocking in TON and will automatically choose alternative mirrors for the known TON pools in case of problems. 1.41a EMERGENCY UPDATE! Fixed bug: Infinite cycling of TON connection attempts in case of attempts to swap to fail-over pools. Altered fee pools of TON to distribute better to different mirrors to reduce load on single ones. Fixed: Miner now also does load balancing on error 1020 - this would have resolved itself once enough users swapped to 1.41 from buggy older versions, but might speed up pool recovers process. Users on stratum mode (--ton-mode 3) can now specify a worker name via --worker or by adding a worker name to their wallet separated by a dot. Fixed bug: Failed DNS resolve ending in a miner crash. Other TON mining pool protocols will ignore both, because most pools do not accept worker names send. Fixed bug: an extra "/" at the end of a https:// or wss:// address will no longer cause the connection to fail.

Here's an even faster way to compute the difficulty, using std::ldexp() . Thus, the difficulty calculation gets reduced to a couple integer arithmetic steps, single floating point divide, and a single scale-by-power-of-2. This particular function lets you scale by a power of two almost for free, by directly adjusting the exponent on the floating point number.

Slight changes to LHR unlocker to improve the unlocker stability. 1.52 New memory management for Ergo on Nvidia GPUs. Note that existing dual mining configurations will automatically launch Eth / Etc / Ubiq only mode, so existing configurations will not be broken. Added 2 more epochs on Ergo for 3G AMD GPUs. Removed: Support for mining Ton in single and dual mining modes. Fixes the miner not working on current epoch on latest release and btc fixes the requirement to restart the miner on Ergo epoch change. Fixed multiple issues that caused the miner not to properly reconnect when it took too many attempts. Added an internal stratum watchdog, that will restart the entire stratum stack internally, when not connected for a longer while.Fixed a potential segmentation fault at startup. Removed: 2G zombie modes for Ergo on AMD. Fixed a segmentation fault when Alephium dual mining is requested, but the dual worker did not get authorized.

The founders of the communities limit the number of tokens the computers underpinning the transactions in the community can generate. The crowdsourcing effort to fund the community is called an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Since targets are never negative in practice, however, this means the largest legal value for the lower 24 bits is 0x7fffff. Note that this packed format contains a sign bit in the 24th bit, and for example the negation of the above target would be 0x1b 8 404cb in packed format. Additionally, 0x008000 is the smallest legal value for the lower 24 bits since targets are always stored with the lowest possible exponent.

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